Q:  "How do I remove the old wax out of my warmer?"

A:  A common way is to place the tray with the room temperature wax in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.  It should slide right out!  If you have a glass/ceramic tray be sure that it is completely cool before placing in the freezer or else it could crack from the temperature change.  Also once you take it out of the freezer be sure to let it warm up to room temperature before placing it back on the warmer!

Another option is simply pour the melted wax out (NOT IN SINK) then wipe clean with a paper towel!

Q:  "How many cubes do I use?"

A:   Depends on how many your wax warmer will hold and also the size of your room.  We suggest starting out with one then you can always add to it to make it stronger!

Q:  "How should I store my wax melts?"

A:  Please store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight!

Q:  "How big are the wax melts?"

A:  All wax melts are approximately 2.5 ounces unless otherwise noted! 

Q: "Why is the wax melt I ordered a different color than the previous order?"

A:  Great question!  We like to get creative with colors so we are all the time trying out new ones!  The color does not change the scent! 

Q: " Why are some scents limited or discontinued?"  

A:  We like to try and keep all fragrances in stock but depending on our supplier some scents are limited or discontinued.  We will do are very best to keep your favorites in stock!

Q: "What is cure time and why do I have to wait before using?"

A:  We try to send everything out ready to use however depending on the demand of the product there might be a cure time.  Cure time simply means to age the product.  The wax and fragrance need time to fully bond to give it the best throw possible!  Please respect the cure time  if there is a label on your wax melt that has a cure date!  If there is no label then it is ready to use!  We want you to have the best fragrance possible out of your wax melt!

Q:  "How long should my wax melt last?'

A:  Great question!  It really depends on the size of your room and how many cubes you use!  Generally a cube will last a full day or two! Some of our softer fragrances may fade sooner!