Fragrance List



Amish Harvest:    A spicy balanced blend of rich vanilla, buttercream, cinnamon and cloves! 

Apple Butter & Clove:  So good it makes you want to spread it on a biscuit! 

Apple Cinnamon:   A very traditional favorite! Apple, cloves and red hot cinnamon!  

Apple Jack N Peel:   A very traditional favorite! Apple, cloves and red hot cinnamon!  

Autumn & Apple Orchard:   Apples freshly picked from the orchard with a touch of cinnamon!! 

Avo-Fresh:  Lively citrus with lemongrass!  

Banana:  A VERY true banana scent!

Barbershop:   Takes you back in time going with your Grandpa to his barbershop!!  Mixture of aftershave and hair tonic!!! 

Beach Days:   Just like smelling the fresh ocean air! Very light floral with hints of fruit! 

Beat It:  This will make you want to moonwalk over to your wax warmer just to get another sniff!  Scent notes:  Black Raspberry Vanilla.

Berry Brew:   Wonderful concoction of berries with a woodsy undertone!  Peach, apricot, blackberries and  mandarin!   

Bite Me:   WOW!!!!  Big strong throw with this one!!  Citrus blended with berries and cherries followed by sweet vanilla undertones! Simply delicious!  

Black Cherry:   Intense smell of sweet black cherries! 

Black Cherry Merlot:  Perfect blend of black cherries and merlot!

Black Raspberry Vanilla:   

Fruity raspberry berry blend mixed with a creamy vanilla! Light floral undertones! 

Blueberry Cheesecake:   Blueberries meet cheesecake! Buttery graham cracker crust topped with fresh blueberries and cheesecake! 

Blueberry Muffin:   Straight out of the oven deliciousness!  Fresh picked blueberries mixed with a creamy vanilla muffin base!! 

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch:  Perfect blend of pumpkin and blueberries!  This one has a true pumpkin/blueberry scent!

Boat Drinks:  Waitress I need two more!!  Just like a Pina Colada! 

Bonfire:   A smooth mixture of leaves, charred woods of pine and cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood and a musky background of soft vanilla and roasted marshmallows!  

Bride Tribe:  Every bride need their tribe!  Perfect blend of tea and cake!

Butt Naked:   Fruity combination of strawberries, pears, green apples and melons! 

Candy Shop:   Sweet fruity blend with a touch of vanilla! 

Can't Adult Today:  This is everyday.  I.Can't.Adult.   Scent notes:  Grape snow cone mixed with a sugary concoction. 

Caramel Apple:   Juicy red apple topped with fresh caramel!  

Caribbean Salsa:   Exotic tropical fruit blend!   

Christmas Hearth:   Classic holiday blend!! Soft evergreen with warm spices and vanilla!!  

Christmas Wreath:   Smells like Christmas time!!  Strong pine outdoors scent. 

Cinnamon Buns:   Oven baked buttery cinnamon yeast rolls topped with sugary icing! Delicious!! 

Cinnamon Fireball:   A fireball of cinnamon explosion!!  

Coconut:  Smells just like old school suntan oil! Brings back memories of the lake! One of our favorites!  

Coconut & Fresh Squeezed Lime:  Smells just like old school suntan oil mixed with fresh squeezed lime!    

Come Monday:  It will be alright!!  Scent notes:  Smells like fresh banana pudding!

Cookies for Santa:   Fresh plate of warm cookies for Santa on Christmas morning!!!  

Cotton Candy:   Sugary concoction of pure sweetness!!

Courtesy Spray:    This is a fruity, pink lavender sugar mixture! VERY pleasant!  

Cranberry Kettle Corn:   Absolutely DIVINE!!  Tangy cranberry meets buttery kettle corn!  

Cucumber Melon:   Fresh, crisp cucumbers blended with fresh sliced melon!  Very clean scent!! 

Cup of Cider:   Sparkling cinnamon apple cider! 

Date Night:   All you need is a date!  This one is filled full of different notes!!  Sandalwood, black rose, smokey wood, patchouli, velvety amber, and a hint of musk!! 

Dazzling Dreams:  One of our signature scents!!  A smooth blend of minty vanilla blended with a hint of lavender!  Perfect for having dazzling dreams! 

Dickens Christmas:   Special blend of spicy cinnamon, clove and nutmeg blended with a fruity musk!  

Dirty Farts:  Is there any other?  Scent notes:  Earthy blend with a hint of eucalyptus & spearmint. 

Divorce Papers:  Smells like fresh ink and FREEDOM!!  Scent notes:  Woodsy with a little spice! 

Eucalyptus & Spearmint:   A VERY clean and refreshing scent!  A fragrant combination of eucalyptus and refreshing spearmint! A favorite for sure! 

Exotic:   Peach, strawberry and melon with a hint of apple!! 

Fall Festival:   Sparkling citrus, apple, peach and cinnamon topped with sugared vanilla!  

First Class:  Is there any other way?  Scent Notes:  Strawberries and Champagne.

Fizzy Cake Pops:   One of our exclusive blends!  Lemon , lime , raspberry,  cranberry,  pineapple, champagne, and birthday cake!! 

Flannel Sheets:   Fresh sun dried clothes!  Fresh linen and clean cotton smell!!!  A favorite for sure!!! 

Flip Flops N Orange Pops:   One of our exclusive blends of a creamy orange vanilla!  

Fluffy Towels:   Fresh clean fluffy towels!

Forever Red:    This is the perfect dupe of Bath and Body Works Forever Red!  

Scent notes:  pomegranate, vanilla rum, peach, apple, red peony, velvety marshmallow and oak wood! 

French Market:   Fresh bouquet of hand picked flowers! 

Fresh Baked Oatmeal Cookies:   Warm aroma of oven baked oatmeal cookies! Delightful!  

Fresh Sliced Apple:   Fresh, juicy pure apple!  Smells just like a freshly sliced apple!!! 

Fudge Brownie:   A big batch of pure deliciousness baking in the oven!  

Game Day:  Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?  Scent notes:  Perfect blend of leather & tobacco.

Gardenia:  Very bold scent of white flowers! 

Glampin':  Better than camping!!  Scent notes:  Pink Sugar.

Graham Cracker Cheesecake:  Exclusive blend of graham cracker crust topped with homemade cheesecake!! YUMMMM!!!!  

Happy Hollydays:   A mixture of cinnamon, clove and spices!! 


Harvest Spice:  Spiced cider with fresh citrus peel!! 

Haters gonna HATE:  There is nothing to hate on this scent!  Scent notes:  Sweet and creamy meets berry with a hint of vanilla. 

Havana Dreaming:   Dark and exotic!  Tobacco, orange blossom and patchouli! 

Hazelnut Coffee:   Toasty cup of warm deliciousness!  Sit back and enjoy the aroma! 


High Maintenance:  One of our original blends!  A fruity mix of raspberry champagne, pink sugar and a touch of cranberry! 

Hippie Chick:  Our custom HIPPIE blend!!  Very earthy with a fruit twist!

Home for Christmas:   Cinnamon and clove blended with holiday berries, icy peppermint and evergreen! 

Honeysuckle:   Smells just like you are in a honeysuckle patch! Pure, clean, creamy scent! 

Hot Apple Pie:   Hot and fresh out of the oven!! Fresh sliced apples infused with cinnamon!! 

Hot Cranberry Tea:    Perfect for a cold rainy day!! 

Hot Minty Cocoa:   A cup of hot minty cocoa!!  Chocolate with a hint of peppermint!!! 

I Like big WICKS:  OMG ...Becky   Scent notes:  Coconut with a citrus twist!

I want CAKE:     A delicious blend of creamy vanilla and fresh baked pound cake!!! 

Ice Ice Baby:  Too cold!  Crisp peppermint.

Irish Spring:   A very familiar scent of Irish Spring soap! Fresh bergamot and citrus with floral and herbal notes! 

It's a BOY!!:  Our exclusive blend of baby powder and lavender mint!

It's Fall Y'all:  My favorite time of the year!  Scent notes:  Baked spiced apple.

It's a GIRL!!:  Our exclusive blend of baby powder and lavender mint! 

Jack Frost:   Wintry mix of menthol, eucalyptus, vanilla and black cherry!

Jesus Juice:  Nothing like a great glass of Moscato!

Karma is a B....:  What comes around goes around.  Fresh pear & honey.

Killer Queen:  Guaranteed to blow your mind!  Scent Notes:  Such a DIVA!

Krispie Cereal Bar:   One of our exclusive blends!  Fun fruity cereal mixed with rice krispies and a splash of marshmallow!!

Ladies NIght:  Oh what a night!!  Scent notes:  Light woodsy scent blended with spring flowers!

Laundry Day:   Fresh clean load of laundry straight from the dryer! 

Lavender:   A pure lavender scent! 

Lavender Dreams:   One of our EXCLUSIVE blends in our Dream Line!!  Unique blend of Lavender and creamy peppermint!  Very relaxing!!  

Lavender Escape:  Our own lavender blend with a fruit twist.

Lavender Sweets:  Our own lavender blend mixed with a sugary concoction. 

Leather:  100% authentic leather smell! 

Lemon Sugar Cookie:   Lemon cookies baked to perfection with a hint of creamy vanilla frosting! 

Lemon Slices:   Just like a fresh cut lemon!! 

Lick me all over:  A nice berry blend!

Lilac Blossom:   Sweet lilac flowers with a hint of rose and jasmine! 

Mahogany:   Woodsy with vanilla lavender! 

Mahogany Woodlands:   Fresh mahogany mixed with orange, red pepper, cognac and vanilla!! 

Man Cave:  Smooth blend of pipe tobacco, leather and a hint of bourbon. 

Manly Man:  A very sexy masculine scent!

Marshmallow Fireside:  Nothing like gooey marshmallows sitting by the fireside!


Masculine:   Raspberry chocolate and patchouli! VERY masculine! 

Mermaid Farts:  Do mermaids really fart??  Scent notes:  Sugary berry blend.

Monkey Farts:   Not exactly sure what a monkey fart smells like however this is a fruity, bubblegum, vanilla treat that will make you want more!!   

Mulberry:   Classic mulberry! ALWAYS a favorite!! 

Mulled Cider:   A true fall blend of apple slices, orange peel and hot cinnamon! 

Nag Champa:   Intense aroma of patchouli and sandalwood.

Naked Cowboy:  The best kind!!  A very masculine scent with a hint of cedar!

Naughty Elf:  You never know what that Elf is up to!  Scent notes:  Homemade cookies with a hint of cinnamon and chocolate.

Naughty or Nice:  You decide!!  Sweet Cherry Pie blend!


Old World Christmas:   PERFECT holiday fragrance!  Cinnamon and cloves with warm citrus notes! 

Orange Buttercream Cake:  Nice blend of citrus, cake and a hint of icing.

Orange Push Up:  Creamy orange and vanilla!  Will make you want an Orange Push Up!!! 

Over Priced Coffee Shop:   Our exclusive blend of coffee, vanilla and a touch of chocolate! 

Pappaw's Peaches:   Picking a peach straight off the tree in your Pappaw's orchard! Sweet and juicy!!  

Paris Sweets:    Just like being in a Paris bakery!  Sweet, fruity notes of blackberry and vanilla topped of with silky vanilla!! 

Patchouli:   Very earthy!  Soft balsamic, velvety musk blended with a mix of woods and spice!  

Pecan Waffles:   Warm waffles topped with melted butter, pecans and syrup!!  

Persimmon  Apple Patch:   A beautiful blend of persimmon and fresh picked apples!  

Pineapple Coconut Cake:  Our exclusive blend of fresh sliced pineapple, shredded coconut and white cake!

Pipe Tobacco :  You will think you are in a tobacco shop! Very rich blend of cherry, vanilla and tobacco leaf!  

Plane-O:  A lemon lime, fruity blend!

Poop Juice:  Smooth coffee blend with a hint of caramel! 

Praline:   Buttery, rich caramel mixed with brown sugar! 

Pumpkin Apple Butter:   Autumn delight!  Fresh crisp apples covered in cinnamon, sugar and cloves topped with vanilla! 

Pumpkin Cheesecake:  It's a Fall MUST!!

Pumpkin Souffle:   Warm buttery pumpkin baking in spices topped with sugary sweetness!  Don't let this one fool you!  It is WONDERFUL year round!! 

Pumpkin Wreath:   Fall pumpkin mixed with cinnamon, cloves, apples mixed with a warm sugar maple! 

Puppy Farts:   Our own unique blend of mulberries and cherries! That is our sweet dog Attie on the picture of the wax melt!!

Purple Rain:  You can feel yourself underneath it!  Scent notes:  Grape and rain. 

Put a spell on you:  This scent will leave a spell!!  It is magical!

Rain:  Nothing beats a good spring rain shower!

Red Maple & Pear:   Fresh ripe pears with vanilla maplewood! 

Reindeer Farts:  Do Reindeer really fart?? Scent notes:  Sweet candy canes.

RIP:  Leather with a berry blend!

Romance:   Velvety sandalwood underscored with sweet floral, amber and musk! 

Root Beer:   All you need is vanilla ice cream! 

Rugged Steel:   A very fresh, clean, manly scent! 

Salted Caramel:   A creamy combination of buttery salted caramel with a hint of sugary vanilla! 

Salty:   One of our exclusive blends of beach days and fresh coconut!

Santa Farts:  Does Santa really fart?  Scent notes:  Cinnamon and cloves with a fruity twist. 

Satsuma:  Smells just like a fresh sliced orange.

Saturday Morning Cereal:   Childhood favorite cereal! Big bowl of fruity deliciousness!! 

Shaved Ice:  One of the best parts of summer!   Close your eyes and you can smell the grape, orange and strawberry!

Sinus Opener:   VERY POWERFUL!!!  Cool, crisp blend of mint, eucalyptus, and camphor!  Very similar to Vick's Vapor Rub!!!  PERFECT for those nights when you can't breathe and need a little relief!  

Skinny Dippin':  Just don't get caught!  Scent notes:  Purely Graceful!!


Snitches get Stitches: Don't be a snitch. you might get a stitch.

Soothing Dreams:   One of our exclusive blends in our Dream Line!!  Our special soothing blend of lavender, creamy vanilla with a refreshing, peppermint finish!  This is a refreshing blend of fragrances that come together perfectly! 

Sparkle:   Red fruit medley, citrus, soft floral followed by sandalwood and musk! 

Spearmint & Vanilla:  Smells just like spearmint gum! Very clean and refreshing!

Sugared Lemon:   Fresh sliced lemons with a sugary zest! Lemon fresh!!! 

Sugared Lemon & Berries:  Tart berries blended with sugared lemon!!!  

Sugared Pralines:   Gourmet treat! Smooth buttercream, sweet syrup surrounded with a warm nutty accord!

Sun of a BEACH:  My ABSOLUTE favorite!!  This is a MUST have!  Perfect tropical blend!  

Sunday Morning Breakfast:   Just like Sunday breakfast all in one melt!!  Coffee, bacon, and pancakes with maple syrup! 

Sunday Morning Coffee:   Creamy coffeehouse espresso! Sunday morning favorite! 

Sweet Dreams:   One of our Signature scents!  A soft, sweet blend of creamy peppermint! You will have SWEET DREAMS with this one!  All you need is a pillow! 

Sweet Pea:   A delightful blend of spring floral, soft musk, berries, juicy pears followed by a woodsy undertone!

Tangled in the Tinsel:  Don't get your tinsel in a tangle!!  Scent notes:  Christmas tree with a cranberry twist.

Throat Punch:  Don't make me throat punch you.  Clean with a citrus twist! 

Unicorn Farts:  Very similar to a cotton candy smell! 

Very Sexy:   Very fresh, clean and masculine!   Hints of lime, fresh apple, black raspberry, rosewood with a musky wood base! 

Vineyard:   Luscious grapes growing in the vineyard! 

Wake me up before you GO-GO:  Don't leave me hanging like a yo-yo!  Jitterbug!  Smells like a BOLD cup of coffee!  SUPER strong!

Watermelon Lemon Fizz:   Sliced watermelon and freshly squeezed lemon!  DELICIOUS!!!  

When life hand you LEMONS...:  Smells just like lemon squares!!

White Tea:  A crisp herbal blend mixed with a touch of sweetness!

Wild Cherry:   Bold blend of cherry, orange, peach and banana mixed with a hint of vanilla! 

Will you accept this ROSE:  Just like a fresh picked rose!

PLEASE NOTE****** SOME of the fragrances listed above are not yet available on the SHOP page for purchase.  PLEASE keep checking the SHOP page for a change in inventory! We like to create and try new scents so these are subject to change!. ANY input is welcome! If we determine the fragrance does not meet our quality standards, it will be removed.